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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

The Best of Cricket Records Broken - 20 Runs in 1 Ball at Big Bash League

06:25 - By Himanshu Suri 0

Cricket World Record - 20 Runs off 1 Ball

Travis Birt smashed Mckay out of the park 3 consecutive times in the Big Bash Leauge, Watch this happen, as IAAC brings in the HD Video for you.


In the 4th over, Travis Birt launched into the Mckay with a slog sweep hitting the bowl out of the park with a 91m shot. With conditions getting worst out on the ground, the ball slipped out of the hand from Mckay and went above the chest height, going to be a No Ball, Birt smashed the ball out of the stadium again, a huge SIX!.

Loosing all the confidence, the bowler ran in fast and again had the same problem, throwing a ball above the chest height and going for a SIX! This is how Travis Birt went about scoring those 20 Runs in 1 Ball...

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