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Saturday, 24 January 2015

India vs Australia ODI Match Live Streaming 2015, Cricket Players and Score

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It has been a game of wonders as they say, Cricket Tri Series brings in another match, the second one between India and Australia. Its all about cricket brings to you the live streaming and scoring updates of the match as it happens.

India vs Australia ODI Match Live Streaming 2015

India vs Australia ODI Match

As the history depicts, Australian team always had the upper hand in the 50 over format and when it comes to the current form of the Indian team, we are skeptical that the team wont be giving its 100% on the field, because it always happens, if you are running out of form, you do not perform well under pressure.

India vs Australia Head to Head in ODI

Total In Australia In India Neutral
Matches 116 41 51 24
Won by Australia 67 30 25 12
Won by India 40 10 21 9
No result 9 1 5 3

Reasons Why India is Struggling,

India has been known to under perform in overseas matches be it in Australia, England or South Africa. It has always been a long struggle for them since the lights of Ganguly and Tendulkar were there. And from there on India has continued to struggle on those hard and bouncy pitches.

Since the start of 2015, India lost the test match series against Australia, thereafter we are into the Tri series that's against Australia and England. Not to forget, the ODI match between India vs England 2015 where India struggled to manage even 200 runs and England won the match in just 30 overs was the worst performane of the year till now. The only reason that seems to appear is the lack of coordination, openers not performing, middle order failing to deliver and at last bowlers struggling to slow down the run rate, thus an overall downfall.

So, lets cross our fingers and hope that the India vs Australia ODI match that starts tomorrow morning at 8:50am IST is a lucky match for the Indian team.

India vs Australia 4th ODI Match 2015 Live Cricket Score 

So, it has been a rainy day in India as well as in Australia. The match has been reduced to 44 overs a site and we start the scoring with a 10 over delay and see that India are 45/1 after 10 overs.

Yet again a poor start from the opening batsmen Shikhar Dhawan, just standing and edging the ball to slips, he has been out of from lately. After the end of 11th over, India 51/1.

As we see, its Xavier Doherty introduced into the balling attack. The pitch is still wet and the bounce that we are seeing on the pitch is more of a tennis ball bounce. The ball stops by and then comes onto the bat. 

Ohhh, that could have been a chance, Rayudu taking it onto the Austrailian bowlers and showing that yes Indians can bat.

That was a close run on the fifth bowl, India after the end of 12 overs India, 56/1. Mitchell Marsh to continue his spell and is trying to ball more on the shorter side, he should be trying to pitch the ball in front and as we say its aother short ball and Rayudu plays a sneaky short off the slips for FOUR! Now, that;s an appeal of the bowler but the umpire gives it a wide. Rayudu tries to play another shot, steps ahead and edges the ball and is caught, Rayudu OUT caught Warner. That's the end of 13th over, India 62/2.

Virat Kohli comes into bat and Doherty at the Bowling end, now Rahane and Kohli will have to steady the innings. That was a quick over by doherty, India 64/2 after 14 overs.

Mitchell Marsh is replaced by James Faulkner and comes into the bowl the 15th overs as the rain starts to fall again, India playing at a run rate of 4.50 an over. Rahane at 27 runs of 47 balls, trying to steady the game, After the end of 15 overs, India 66/2.

The match has been stopped again as the rain falls, India 69/2 after 16 overs.

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