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Thursday, 29 January 2015

India vs England ODI Match Live Streaming 2015, Score - Knockout Match

19:26 - By Himanshu Suri 0

Now, that's a test for both the teams as they both enter into Perth and will have to beat so that they can proceed to Finals to play against Australia. The Toss has happened and Engalnd has won the Toss and put India into Bat.

India vs England One Day International
India start off their match with Shikhar Dhawan and Ajikya Rahane and James Anderson finishes off his first over with India 1/0.

Now, that's a scare as Dhawan pushes the ball and tries to run off a ball that had no run at all. Missed the wickets, SAVED! Wokes has been bowling very well and his first over gets India into trouble. Now, that's the end of the second over, India 3/0.

There is an unusual thing about the Indian Team in this match, the pitch seems to be a pitch for fast bowlers and India have come into the match with 2 spinners and a not fully fit Ishant Sharma.

Anderson, starts his 2nd over and innings 4th over with Shikhar Dhawan on the batting end. Dhawan needs to perform here to save his world cup position. Dhawan takes off a single, Rahane on strike and that was a Jem of a ball from Anderson, leaving the batsmen outside the off stump. That's the end of 3rd over, India 4/0.

INDIA vs ENGLAND Live Streaming 

Chris Wokes starts the 4th over of the match and both the batsmen try playing safe. Both are trying to take single and change strike so that the bowler does not settle. That's a quick single off the fifth ball, Rahane on strike, that's no run and India end the 4th over for 9/0.

James Anderson testing Shikhar Dhawan outside the off stump and Dhawan playing it safe by leaving the balls outside off. Lets see how he takes in the rest of the innings. 4 ball have gone by and India 9/0, that has been a very slow startby Team India. End of 5th over, India 9/0.

India vs England One Day International 2015
Chris Wokes into the attack and Rahane starts to attack, stepping ahead and getting 2 runs, the second ball gives Rahane a single and Dhawan smashes Wokes off for FOUR on the 4th ball of 6th over. Steadily moving ahead India move on to 18/0 after 6 overs.

Anderson starts the 7th over of the innings, Dhawan plays safe; leaving balls outside off stump. Dhawan's series average is 5 whereas Rahane has an average of 41. Now, that's a clear opening batting problem.

End of 8th over, India 20/0. Chris Wokes into his 4th over, with stats of 17 runs and no wicket. India after 7.2 overs 21/0 with Rahane on strike. India 24/0 after 8 overs.

James Anderson into the attack, and if you look at the stats for Anderson, he is into his 5th over and has just given 5 runs. Rahane trying to take risk and put Anderson off track, Rahane moves onto 14 runs of 24 balls and Dhawan has scored 13 runs of 28 balls. After the end of 9 overs, India 28/0.

Stuart Broad introduced into the attack and Rahane smashes him for a FOUR, that's the second boundary of the innings and the first for Ajinkya Rahane. Broad has come after an injury and hasn't been able to impress the England camp with his bowling. Rahane moves onto 19 runs of 29 balls. India going at a run rate of 3.41, lets see where they take the score to. Now, that's a steady over from Broad, end of 10 overs, India 34/0.

England Bowlers vs Indian Batsmen in 2015

Anderson into his 6th over, the Captain has not taken off Anderson as he has the chances of sneaking in a wicket for England. That's the end of 11 overs, India 36/0.

India vs England One Day International
Now that's the start of 12 overs and Dhawan edges the ball for FOUR, the third boundary of the innings, India 44/0 after 12 overs.

Captain brings in Steve Finn into the attack. Finn was the one who finished off the top order in the last match and took 5 wickets in that Brisbane match where India lost to England. First ball single, Dhawan onto the strike, plays on the up and goes to the fielder. This is the period where India have to play smart and dont loose any wickets. That's a quick single, India move onto 46 Runs after 12.4 overs. That brings Rahane onto the strike, Now,  that's what we call as smart game, takes 2 Runs by playing the ball softly over the leg side. End of 13 overs, India 48/0.

Stuart Broad starts the 14th Over of the innings and balls to Dhawan. The WACA stadium has steadily started to fill as people come in to watch this India vs England ODI Match 2015. Dhawan moves onto 21 Runs of 43 Balls and on the other hand Rahane 27  Runs off 38 Balls. India move onto 50 Runs, that's the first 50 Run partnership in this Carlton Mid ODI Tri Series for India. Dhawan smashes broad of the last ball of the 14th over, India move to 54/0.

Dhawan now getting back into the form, playing Finn smartly in the 15th over, he drives him outside off for a FOUR! Shikhar Dhawan moves onto 31 Runs, India 61/0 after 15 overs.

Dhawan and Rahane have played themselves in and now need to carry on to take India to a respectable score. After the end of 16 overs, India 65/0. Now the Eoin Morgan, the Captain of England, brings in Moin Ali to bowl the 18th over of the match and both Dhawan and Rahane give due respect to him, at the end of 18 overs, India 69/0.

Steve Finn into the attack, and Rahane is on 36 Runs of 51 Balls and Dhawan 37 Runs off 63 Balls, that's the end of 19 overs, India 75/0. Moin Ali to start the 20th over of the innings nad Rahane under edges the ball for FOUR, India move onto 83/0 after 20 overs.

Chris Wokes into the attack and Dhawan on strike, it has been a question to who should be playing at number 3 for India, and as we say, Dhawan under cuts a ball and that carries to the Wicketkeeper, Dhawan OUT! Dhawan gone for 38 Runs and this brings in Virat Kohli to the strike.

As we rest the innings here, we will see you again in the FINAL match of the Carlton MID ODI Tri Series 2015. Hope the best team WINS here!

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