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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Gandhi-Mandela Series Advertising Revenues Expected to be more than Rs.250 Crore | India vs SA Broadcasted on Star Sports Channel

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The 250 Crore Spents for Gandhi Mandela Series
india vs sa advertising sponsors paytm
Big sponsors always look out for branding opportunities. And the Gandhi Mandela series can't be much better than what's expected out as a revenue stream. According to sources, the Gandhi-Mandela Series i.e. matches between India and South Africa that are starting 2nd October 2015 and broadcasted on Star Sports is said to have sold a major inventory of its advertising scopes.

The estimated sponsorship costs at this moment ranges between 180-200 Crores and includes co-sponsors like Raymond, Lava Mobiles and Patym. Paytm is also the title sponsor for the India vs SA series.

Star Sports to Broadcast India vs South Africa Series
The Gandhi Mandela Series between India and South Africa is going to be broadcasted on Star Sports channel, one of the most popular cricketing host and the same will be available on all the high definition channels like Star Sports HD1, Star Sports HD3 and Hot Star.

India vs SA, Gandhi Mandela Series Sponsors
The list includes some of the popular names such as Royal Stag, Havells, Maruti Suzuki and Intex. The Ad rates expected from this series is naturally higher than other series as this is happening in India and is one of the most popular series amongst rest.

Another reason for the higher ad rates is that South Africa has been one of the tough teams for India and other cricketing nations and is expected to attract a lot of audeince. According to media planners after the World Cup 2015, this event is one of the best events where the Ad rates are going higher.

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