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Sunday, 23 April 2017

2017 Indian Premier League Points Table

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Its All About Cricket brings to you the first ever IPL 2017 points table that highlights the match fixtures along with each teams performance in individual IPL matches.

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IPL 2017 Points Table and Schedule

Mumbai Indians8620012+0.514
Rising Pune Supergiant06 AprLost by 7 wkts
Kolkata Knight Riders09 AprWon by 4 wkts
Sunrisers Hyderabad12 AprWon by 4 wkts
Royal Challengers Bangalore14 AprWon by 4 wkts
Gujarat Lions16 AprWon by 6 wkts
Kings XI Punjab20 AprWon by 8 wkts
Delhi Daredevils22 AprWon by 14 runs
Rising Pune Supergiant24 AprLost by 4 runs
Gujarat Lions29 Apr
Royal Challengers Bangalore01 May
Delhi Daredevils06 May
Sunrisers Hyderabad08 May
Kings XI Punjab11 May
Kolkata Knight Riders13 May
Kolkata Knight Riders8620010+1.153
Gujarat Lions07 AprWon by 10 wkts
Mumbai Indians09 AprLost by 4 wkts
Kings XI Punjab13 AprWon by 8 wkts
Sunrisers Hyderabad15 AprWon by 17 runs
Delhi Daredevils17 AprWon by 4 wkts
Gujarat Lions21 AprLost by 4 wkts
Royal Challengers Bangalore23 AprWon by 82 runs
Rising Pune Supergiant26 AprWon by 7 wkts
Delhi Daredevils28 Apr
Sunrisers Hyderabad30 Apr
Rising Pune Supergiant03 May
Royal Challengers Bangalore07 May
Kings XI Punjab09 May
Mumbai Indians13 May
Sunrisers Hyderabad843008+0.481
Royal Challengers Bangalore05 AprWon by 35 runs
Gujarat Lions09 AprWon by 9 wkts
Mumbai Indians12 AprLost by 4 wkts
Kolkata Knight Riders15 AprLost by 17 runs
Kings XI Punjab17 AprWon by 5 runs
Delhi Daredevils19 AprWon by 15 runs
Rising Pune Supergiant22 AprLost by 6 wkts
Royal Challengers Bangalore25 AprMatch Abandoned
Kings XI Punjab28 Apr
Kolkata Knight Riders30 Apr
Delhi Daredevils02 May
Rising Pune Supergiant06 May
Mumbai Indians08 May
Gujarat Lions13 May
Rising Pune Supergiant844006-0.666
Mumbai Indians06 AprWon by 7 wkts
Kings XI Punjab08 AprLost by 6 wkts
Delhi Daredevils11 AprLost by 97 runs
Gujarat Lions14 AprLost by 7 wkts
Royal Challengers Bangalore16 AprWon by 27 runs
Sunrisers Hyderabad22 AprWon by 6 wkts
Mumbai Indians24 AprWon by 3 runs
Kolkata Knight Riders26 AprLost by 7 wckts
Royal Challengers Bangalore29 Apr
Gujarat Lions01 May
Kolkata Knight Riders03 May
Sunrisers Hyderabad06 May
Delhi Daredevils12 May
Kings XI Punjab14 May
Delhi Daredevils624004+0.848
Royal Challengers Bangalore08 AprLost by 15 runs
Rising Pune Supergiant11 AprWon by 97 runs
Kings XI Punjab15 AprWon by 51 runs
Kolkata Knight Riders17 AprLost by 4 wkts
Sunrisers Hyderabad19 AprLost by 15 runs
Mumbai Indians22 AprLost by 14 runs
Kolkata Knight Riders28 Apr
Kings XI Punjab30 Apr
Sunrisers Hyderabad02 May
Gujarat Lions04 May
Mumbai Indians06 May
Gujarat Lions10 May
Rising Pune Supergiant12 May
Royal Challengers Bangalore14 May
Kings XI Punjab734006-0.319
Rising Pune Supergiant08 AprWon by 6 wkts
Royal Challengers Bangalore10 AprWon by 8 wkts
Kolkata Knight Riders13 AprLost by 8 wkts
Delhi Daredevils15 AprLost by 51 runs
Sunrisers Hyderabad17 AprLost by 5 runs
Mumbai Indians20 AprLost by 8 wkts
Gujarat Lions23 AprWon by 26 runs
Sunrisers Hyderabad28 Apr
Delhi Daredevils30 Apr
Royal Challengers Bangalore05 May
Gujarat Lions07 May
Kolkata Knight Riders09 May
Mumbai Indians11 May
Rising Pune Supergiant14 May
Royal Challengers Bangalore926004-1.410
Sunrisers Hyderabad05 AprLost by 35 runs
Delhi Daredevils08 AprWon by 15 runs
Kings XI Punjab10 AprLost by 8 wkts
Mumbai Indians14 AprLost by 4 wkts
Rising Pune Supergiant16 AprLost by 27 runs
Gujarat Lions18 AprWon by 21 runs
Kolkata Knight Riders23 AprLost by 82 runs
Sunrisers Hyderabad25 AprMatch Abandoned
Gujarat Lions27 AprLost
Rising Pune Supergiant29 Apr
Mumbai Indians01 May
Kings XI Punjab05 May
Kolkata Knight Riders07 May
Delhi Daredevils14 May
Gujarat Lions835004-0.360
Kolkata Knight Riders07 AprLost by 10 wkts
Sunrisers Hyderabad09 AprLost by 9 wkts
Rising Pune Supergiant14 AprWon by 7 wkts
Mumbai Indians16 AprLost by 6 wkts
Royal Challengers Bangalore18 AprLost by 21 runs
Kolkata Knight Riders21 AprWon by 4 wkts
Kings XI Punjab23 AprLost by 26 runs
Royal Challengers Bangalore27 AprWon
Mumbai Indians29 Apr
Rising Pune Supergiant01 May
Delhi Daredevils04 May
Kings XI Punjab07 May
Delhi Daredevils10 May
Sunrisers Hyderabad13 May

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